Your Friendly Error Code Index

Inspirational instructions for dealing with unhelpful error codes

Contributing Error Codes

If you have an idea for a new inspiration Error code, or have just seen one in the wild, great! Let's get it added to the site!
All you have to do is fork the repository here: site source code, create a new file under content/codes with the desired error code number/string. I'll leave a template there for you to copy and make it easier.

Once your page is added, create a pull/merge request and I'll take a look and add it in.

You can do all this directly in the codeberg service itself:

  1. Open content/codes/
  2. Click "Copy Content" (top-right, an icon of two squares, one overlapping the other)
  3. Go back to content/codes and click "Add File" > "New File"
  4. Give your file a name ending with ".md" i.e., and paste the content you copied in Step 2.
  5. Adjust the content as you need and when you're done, leave a commit message click "Commit Changes"
  6. You should then be able to create a Pull Request which will alert me to your changes and I will review them and merge into the main branch, rebuilding the site with your new page.

Make sure you add your name under author so everyone will know how great you are!

If you have trouble using the above method, instead create a new issue detailing the error code, description, etc. and I will add it in myself when I get time.


Of course, there may be some error codes that already exist. That's OK! Just create a new file with the same error code and put a version number with it i.e. The title in the file can still read 404 and everything else will fall into line.